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Elektrafi, LLC

Haley Greer

844 Hwy 62, Buna TX 77612, US




How are we different?

ElektraFi uses new fixed wireless technology to build a better network for Rural America. We focused on addressing the issues our current providers have and seem to never want to change. We focus on customer service and high-quality connections. We eliminate network congestion by providing individual connections straight to you so you never share bandwidth! High speed means nothing without a reliable, high-quality individual connection. This was not possible before! Now, with new fixed wireless technology, big city internet for Rural America is here!

We do not use cellular networks, satellites, or cable.


From the community.Active in the community.Improving the community.


Become the best rural broadband provider with local customer service that improves the communities we are apart of. We are done with big telecom companies taking our money but not giving back to the community.


Fix the rural broadband problem with quick deployments of our next generation fixed wireless technology. Allowing us to build out to areas in need much faster than fiber and provide gigabit speeds to everyone with out network congestion.


Founded to address the rural broadband problem

ElektraFi was founded in Texas in 2019 to fix the rural broadband problem with an emphasis on local customer support. We understand that the world changes, but where we live doesn’t have too. Having reliable internet access should not just be a big city advantage. It should be accessible for all of us!

We began this journey because other big companies have terrible customer service, unreliable networks, charging us for speeds we never get, and continuously promising to build out to our homes but never actually keeping that promise. We got tired of internet providers treating rural America like an afterthought and not taking us seriously. You shouldn’t have to move just to keep a job because you can’t work from home. Your children should be able to learn at home and continue their education no matter where you live! ElektraFi wants you to have reliable internet, a great customer service experience, and trust in a local company, so you can continue living peacefully and in the community where you grew up.
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