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Guard & Defend Firearms

Ricky Jimenez

4016 FM 92, Silsbee TX 77656, US


Five years ago, I founded Guard & Defend with a vision for a new, better gun store experience for both new and experienced shooters!


This vision was born after asking questions at many different shops, where I felt the owners just wanted to sell me something. Their answers were often short, and it was clear they had no interest in helping me learn more about owning and using firearms. 


Many of these stores had very focused, limited selections on what they carried. They didn't diversify and serve people of varying tastes. Often these stores were lacking basic parts for building or improving firearms, such as bolt carrier groups. If what I was interested wasn't in stock, they'd try to "sell" me something that was on the shelf. Because of this, I often found it much less frustrating to purchase everything online and wait for it to arrive...


I knew there had to be a better way.

I knew I couldn't be the only person who felt brushed aside by gun store owners.

I knew there were people out there looking for a store that cared about their needs and eductation more than their hard earned money.

I couldn't find that store. So, I created it!


When you come to Guard & Defend, you'll find everything you need in one visit, see smiling faces and receive attentive knowledge, and we'll always have a variety of new things to choose from! We're never content to just stick with "what sells well", because we know that gun owners like to touch, feel, and learn about new things!

Our team is top notch - if we don't know the answer to a question, we'll research it and get back to you; not just give you a "good enough" answer. 


Guard & Defend is a small-town shop with a big-town heart!


I've got big plans for Guard & Defend, including a range, 2nd store, and expanding our online store to serve those who can't visit during regular hours. 


Thank you for your support. We're proud to serve you.

- Ricky Jimenez, Founder

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