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Texas Best Media

Michael Doran

512-667-4461 (cell)


Texas Best Media/ATD Media Print Directories
When you want to reach the largest audiences in the rural East & Central Texas areas, let Texas Best Media/ATD Media handle your print directory listing. Even as technology continues to advance, print directories remain the easiest and most cost effective way to reach the largest audience of Baby Boomers with expendable income when they are ready to make a purchase. 

Since 1985, these Directories have been helping local small businesses like yours optimize their local presence with the wildly popular Red Phone Book. We print local Yellow Pages directories to help you get your business into the homes of your local audience by focusing on giving your potential customers an easy-to-use physical database at their fingertips. Texas Best Media / ATD Media is proud to partner with both large and small businesses in East and Central Texas. You can reach the largest base of potential customers when you list your business within our directories. 

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