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Ace Hardware (M & D Supply)

Adam Perez (GM)

122 S. Main Street Lumberton, TX 77657, US



About This Store

In 1967, E.W. McCown, Mary Mitchell, and Jack Dyson opened M&D Supply. In 1971 a fire destroyed the building to the point where everything had to be liquidated. In 1972, under the sole ownership of Jack Dyson, M&D celebrated its grand re-opening. Five months later Jack passed from cancer. His wife Bernice assumed ownership of the business and overnight became the proud owner of a hardware store. In 1979, Jeff Dyson, son of Jack and Bernice, came into the business and led the company through multiple expansions including opening locations in Vidor ('01) and Lumberton ('04). Third generation owner Scott Hatcher took the reins in 2010 and in 2017 purchased 4 Ace stores in the Houston area. In 2020, ownership changed hands from Scott to Brent Dyson, Jeff's youngest son. With Brent at the helm, M&D Supply is poised for growth. Today, M&D Supply has more than 230 employees with 7 locations to serve home and commercial customers in Southeast TX.

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