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FivePoint Credit Union

604 S. Main Street, Lumberton TX 77657, US


We started small. We grew by serving people like you.
In 1935, 5Point was born as a credit union intended to support the men and women who worked for The Texas Company. What started as a small community endeavor with 57 members and $247 in total savings has grown in ways its founders could not have imagined. Today, 5Point is one of the largest independent, not-for-profit financial institutions in Southeast Texas.


Since those early days, our name has changed from the Texas Company P.A.W. Employee's Federal Credit Union to Texaco Community to 5Point Credit Union. Many things have changed over the years…like our slogan, which has changed from “Service with star quality” to “You belong here.” However, some things at 5Point will never change, including our drive to provide financial opportunities to the hardworking families of our area and the fact that you’ll always find someone at 5Point willing to listen and connect you with the services and tools that will help you meet your goals.


You, our members, define who we are as a credit union. That’s why we’re committed to delivering real service, built on honest values that haven’t changed since 1935.

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life for our members and the community.

Vision Statement

To become a financial leader through services, technology, and building personal relationships with our members.


Service, Community, Accountability, Teamwork, and Loyalty
What's the difference between a credit union and a bank?
This is a question a lot of people ask. Originally, credit unions were primarily founded to offer the services a bank would offer, but to a single group of people – a specific workers’ union, the members of a particular profession, etc. But today, most credit unions are open to entire communities. The real difference lies in motive. Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions where each member owns a share of the institution, so they make decisions based on what’s best for their members – not on what will benefit a small group of owners. When you put your savings in a credit union, they’re invested in low-cost loans and low-fee services for your community. “Income” the credit union sees is returned to you and your fellow members in the form of better savings rates, lower loan rates, and low or nonexistent fees for services. Because we’re independent, we’re able to consider our members’ needs first, rather than being subject to the whims of corporate interests.

When we say, “you belong here”… we mean it. Credit unions support individual goals. Every member, from the youngest member entrusting us with the contents of his piggy bank to the chairman of our volunteer board of directors, has equal standing and importance. That includes you.
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