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Silsbee ISD

Karen Powell

415 Hwy 327 West, Silsbee Tx 77656


Silsbee Independent School District is committed to educational success through innovation and technology integration for all our students. Annually, our district receives numerous academic accolades, fine arts honors, and athletic championships, which is a direct reflection of our student and staff commitment.
This dedication to Silsbee ISD goes to enriching educational opportunities for our student body over four campuses that has surpassed 2,900 students that come from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds.
From groundbreaking technological advances to one-on-one learning environments, Silsbee ISD gives our students the tools to create and collaborate as 21st century citizens. All our students have educational needs ranging from remedial to gifted, from vocational to college bound, from self-contained classrooms to inclusion.
The highly qualified team at Silsbee ISD works closely with the community and gives our students the opportunity to succeed, making it one of the premiere school systems in Southeast Texas.
District Vision, Goals & Graduate Profile
The students of Silsbee ISD are equipped with the values to envision a better world, the skills to create it, and the confidence to take the lead. – Values. Skills. Confidence.
  • Silsbee ISD will develop a comprehensive system of benchmarks that will drive continuous improvement in student achievement and operational efficiency.

  • Silsbee ISD will enhance offerings and facilities so that all students have access to courses that progressively prepare them for success in their chosen post-secondary pursuits.

  • Using board, student, and community-leader resources, Silsbee ISD will develop, communicate, and execute a Board-Superintendent initiated plan to promote parent and community support of educational efforts of the district.

Graduate Profile
 Graduates of Silsbee ISD shall: 
  • Use problem-solving skills

  • Communicate effectively with speakers and listeners

  • Be independent thinkers

  • Have an enlarged vision of the world outside the school, city, and state

  • Activate technology for solutions

  • Have altruistic values, balance, and commitment to improving their world

  • Employ cooperative skills as workers and learners

  • Experience healthy living by believing in themselves and their ability to take care of their bodies, minds, emotions, and environment.

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