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Trecora Hydrocarbons, LLC

Ada Hartman

PO Box 1636, Silsbee, Tx 77656



Trecora, formerly Trecora Resources, was incorporated in the State of Delaware in 1967. The Company’s principal business activities are the manufacturing of various specialty chemical products and synthetic waxes and the provision of custom processing services.

Our specialty chemicals facility is located near Silsbee, Texas and produces high purity hydrocarbons and other petroleum based products including isopentane, normal pentane, isohexane and hexane which may be used in the production of polyethylene, packaging, polypropylene, expandable polystyrene, poly-iso/urethane foams, crude oil from the Canadian tar sands, and in the catalyst support industry. Our products are typically transported to customers by rail car, tank truck and iso-container. Trecora owns all of the capital stock of Gulf State Pipe Line Company, Inc., a Texas corporation, which owns and operates pipelines that connect the Trecora Silsbee facility to a natural gas line, to Trecora’s truck and rail loading terminal and to a major petroleum products pipeline owned by an unaffiliated third party.

Our specialty synthetic wax segment, located in Pasadena Texas, produces specialty polyethylene and poly alpha olefin waxes and provides custom processing services. The specialty polyethylene waxes are used in markets from paints and inks to adhesives, coatings, and PVC lubricants. The highly specialized synthetic poly alpha olefin waxes are used in applications such as toner in printers and as additives for candles providing rigidity and retention of fragrances. These waxes are sold in solid form as pastilles or, for large adhesive companies, in bulk liquid form.

In November 2023, Trecora expanded our portfolio by acquiring Chemtrade's lubricant additives division in Lawrence, Kansas. Renowned as a primary manufacturer of phosphorus pentasulfide (P2S5), this Lawrence-based business significantly bolsters Trecora’s specialty chemical offerings.

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